The OPMG (Okanagan Peer Mentoring Group) are groups of like-minded individuals, from non-competing companies that come together once per month to help each other to continually improve their management skills and the profitability of their companies.

1.2The Groups are facilitated by an individual that has lead companies of various sizes in the past and in different industries, but it is the participants in the Groups that decide what they want to discuss and hold each other to account. The Groups are totally self-governing. Where expertise is sought from outside of a Group, the facilitator will endeavour to find that subject matter expert who may come, at that Group’s request, to present at a meeting. The aim is to have 12 participants per Group.


The Group is supported through access to a network of trusted service providers and educational opportunities. A trusted service provider is an individual, firm or company that is recommended by at least one Group member. The service provider knows that when they deal with a Group member that their performance will be rated and the other Group members advised as to their service level.

Our Members

One type of Group is an Executive Group, where participants are usually presidents, CEOs, owners and executives who are responsible for the enterprise’s operations, whether it be a company, subsidiary or division. Only one representative is allowed from each company. That representative is the member of the Group and not the company. The second type of Group is an Operations Group, where participants are usually Production/Plant/Operations/Manufacturing/General Managers that are responsible for the day to day operations of their companies. Only one representative is allowed from each company per Group. Replacements are not allowed as it is essential that for full trust to develop within the Group that there is open, free and constructive discussion to provide for the maximum value to the participants.