3Working Together to Overcome Challenges.

Some issues are difficult to discuss with company personnel, boards of directors, advisory boards and third party service providers. Besides, some of these outside resources do not understand the position you are in when responsible for leading, or are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a company. The OPMG provides a forum where you can freely discuss issues and problems with like-minded individuals that understand the pressures and concerns that you face. And these discussions can take place in an environment of complete confidence as there are no competitors or suppliers in the room and everyone has signed a confidentiality agreement.

Securing Resources

 We respond to the challenges expressed by our business members and work to provide solutions for shared needs expressed by the Group. Securing direct Human Resources Support is such an example. Working with HR Management Solutions, a company that has been supporting HR issues in the Okanagan since 2005, was a direct result of issues and concerns that surfaced through the monthly meetings. HR Management Solutions provides support to the ongoing talent management and human resource administrative needs of each individual organization at a preferred rate making human resource support affordable.

2.2Strength in Numbers.

The OPMG allows you to spend time on your business by pulling away for just half a day a month and discussing issues with peers that are all there to help and support each other and learn from others in different businesses. Many times you can face a problem that someone else has already faced and solved. This forum allows you to spend time on your business as opposed to in your business where you are too busy with day-to-day issues that prevent you from spending the needed time to address strategic issues to help plan on moving your company or company operations forward.

It is all about helping each other to be the best that you can be and improve your company’s operations with a focus on increasing profitability.