From time to time, the OPMG puts on special events in addition to having guest speakers at monthly meetings. Currently, the OPMG is partnering with the BC Institute of Technology (BCIT) to bring some of their highly rated courses to the Okanagan so that companies do not have to incur all the travel costs of sending employees to Vancouver. While some of these courses are open to the general public, OPMG members get involved in determining the courses to be offered as well as getting preferential rates for attendees.

Corporate & Industry Training Services

In today’s business environment, success is dependent on the management and leadership skills at all levels. Excellent leaders foster high performance in their staff teams with the intent of realizing mutual goals while pursuing continuous improvement and development. The BC Institute of Technology (BCIT) is now offering a series of workshops in Kelowna, which have been chosen by local industry representatives as high priority for their organizations.

The next three BCIT courses will be held in Kelowna and are as follows – sign up today!

October 3rd Leadership 1, Self as Leader:

Predicated on the assumptions that leadership is about action not position and that every individual has the potential for leadership, this course will also provide participants with the opportunity to begin to develop a personal model of leadership.  Participants will have an opportunity to enhance an array of skills including critical thinking, communication,
feedback, presentation, conflict resolution, and productivity skills.

November 7th Leadership 2, Leading Teams:

Skills that are developed in the context of team leadership include problem solving and decision-making, appropriate risk-taking, communication skills to conduct difficult conversations and conflict resolution skills, mediation and negotiation.

December 5th Leadership 3, Leading Organizations:

Participants will have an opportunity to enhance an array of skills including strategic planning and its successful implementation, communication strategies, organizational performance measurement, leading organizational change, understanding organizational cultures and sub-cultures, and the role as a member of an organization’s leadership team in terms of accountability and responsibility.

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